Devinley Inspired

Blessed are the things brought forth by God. Mt. Zion Economic Community Center, Inc. is just that. This wonderful facility began as vision from God to Reverend Benton Thompson. A loyal servant of God, Benton Thompson, knew he had no choice but to do all he could to bring forth the center. Benton Thompson took that vision and presented to the members of  the Mt. Zion Church. He and his wife, Janice Thompson, stepped out on faith and began to take the steps necessary to build the Mt. Zion Economic Community Center Inc. into what it is today.

The Building

Mt. Zion Economic Community Center, Inc. is a 20,640 Square foot building. The building consists of  3 offices, a meeting room, 3 classrooms, a library, recreation room, excercise room, day room, gymnasium, nurse's office, full kitchen, banquet hall, a picnic area in the back and a total of 4 bathrooms, two of which are gender specific.

Board of Directors

Benton Thompson

Bennie Montgomery

Allie Jones

Willie Jenkins

Lark Leonard

Janice Thompson

Angela Briggs

Mable Dobbs

David Conerly